Australia’s Cheapest Mobile Plans – Saving Money on Your Travels

Australia's Cheapest Mobile Plans

No one leaves home without their mobile and taking and using your own mobile is a great idea when visiting Australia on a working holiday visa. The continent has some very tourist friendly and economical mobile and data plans to choose from. Check out your options below.

 1. Get to Know Mobile Networks in Australia

There are three main networks, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. All offer 4G while a standard SIM will fit any mobile from Europe or Asia. There are also smaller mobile services that provide very cheap services, forgoing added extras a permanent resident will not look for. These ‘Mobile Virtual Network Operators’ or MVNO’s operate via one of the above networks.

2. Best SIM Plans for a Backpacker 

Enjoy value for money by choosing the cheapest plans, Shop around for more options depending on your length of stay, while you’re at it do check out your Superannuation entitlements before leaving Australia, will be loads of help.

  • OVO – Mini Mobile Plan includes unlimited texts + $500 worth local calls and unlimited live streaming across OVO play. Cost $9.95 pre-paid 30 days. Bonus – free delivery of SIM across the continent
  • Hello Mobile – PAYG 1GM plan includes 1GB at the cost of 1MB data, excess charged at $0.05. Pre-paid 30 day plan at $10 for national calls to mobiles and landlines, SMS and MMS. Additional call charge $0.10 per minute. SMS $0.10 per message and $0.75 per MMS.
  • amaysim – UNLIMITED 1GB Prepaid plan – includes 1GB data and unlimited talk and texts to local numbers. $10 for a 30 day pre-paid plan, shop your options
  • Lycamobile – Unlimited 10 plan includes – 1GB data within Australia any excess charge $0.07 per MB. Enjoy unlimited local calls and SMS. $10 for a 28 day prepaid plan.
  • Lebara – Extra Small Plan includes a starter pack for $14.90 valid 30 days. 2.5GB and a 3GB bonus for online top-ups. Excess cost $0.02. Unlimited national calls, SMS and MMS. A credit of $1.15 for international calls to select countries, valid for 30 days.

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