Avoid Expensive Holiday Mode Treats

Avoid Expensive Holiday Mode Treats

Regretting the latest ‘treat myself’ purchase you made? You are not alone; the bane of most holidaymakers is the urge to buy an unaffordable item as a ‘treat’. Here’s how you tackle that mentality and walk away from outlandish purchases.

1. Change your Mentality

Generation Z, those born after 1995, are not able to afford the standard symbols of a middle-class citizen, moreover a house and expensive car, hence, they are prone to treating themselves to smaller items, such as branded handbags, expensive cosmetics etc. These items are used as status symbols but are a burden on the bank balance. Consider the following tips;

  • Don’t use money you don’t have, a credit card may make you feel powerful, but the bill at the end of the month will leave you frustrated
  • Save for your new treats; avoid getting pulled into smart marketing strategies high-end designer brand companies can afford to source. Instead, save for that piece of luxury you so desire, be it a new handbag, perfume or evening dress. Start small and you will soon be motivated to save for bigger goals, like your own house or car –yay!

Don’t Make a Decision on a Whim

While enjoying your working holiday in Australia, you will be treated to loads of fabulous consumer goods which a young shopper finds hard to resist. But, never go for impulse buying; okay, those Jimmy Choo shoes are absolutely adorable, but wait, go home have a think, check your funds and come back. By then you will know if you really need it and can afford it. You may also want to consider applying for your Superannuation refund, offered to all working tourists and students who have been to the continent, consisting of a percentage of your salary, check your eligibility with the aid of a financial service such as travelhackz.co and who knows you may have cash to splurge on that next trip – first think about it though!

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