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How to Become a House Sitter in Australia

If you like the idea of being able to kick back and relax in the privacy of a bona fide house, with your own bathroom and no noisy dorm room neighbours to contend with, then house sitting could be for you. This lesser known, but awesome option when it comes to getting to actually live … Continue reading Blog

Government Amends Australian Superannuation Refund

The Australian Superannuation refund has been amended, looking into six important aspects of the fund and its effect on retirees. The following amendments to the legislation are proposed towards a ‘tax-free’ retirement era. 1. Zero Debits on Australian Superannuation Refund The new amendment proposes that the market related pensions are evaluated under a different scheme, … Continue reading Blog

How to Boost your Superannuation

It always a super deal to find a way to add a few dollars more to your superannuation, before the financial year comes to an end. Now, you may think June is way off, but, fore-thinking is the key to increasing your end of the year bonuses with super refunds. Here are a few tips … Continue reading Blog

Claiming your Superannuation Refund

Leaving Australia after a wonderful experience? Well don’t forget to claim your superannuation refund. The benefit applies to anyone who has worked on the continent, and if you have already left Australia here’s how you claim your superannuation refund after departing Australia. How to Claim Superannuation Refund after Departing Australia A 9.5% of every salary … Continue reading Blog

Save Money While on a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand

The short answer is, yes! If you follow these three simple rules you will actually find yourself saving money while on your working holiday, which means more cash to spend at your next destination. Stay Put (for a While) The first rule is, you have to stay put. At least for a few weeks. The … Continue reading Blog

Travel around Australia for Less

The appeal of staying in Australia for as long as possible is obvious. With a sunny, warm climate, life changing experiences on tap and a travel scene well set up for long term travellers the reasons for staying are endless. But its easy to spend more than you can afford. Australia isn’t the priciest country … Continue reading Blog

Apps and Websites for Budget Travellers

In recent years a ton of new travel apps and sites have been released with the budget traveller in mind. Check out the best on offer and start saving on anything from flights, accommodation and gear to food and drink. Compare Flights for the Best Deals Australia is big, on another level of huge in … Continue reading Blog

Australia's Cheapest Mobile Plans

No one leaves home without their mobile and taking and using your own mobile is a great idea when visiting Australia on a working holiday visa. The continent has some very tourist friendly and economical mobile and data plans to choose from. Check out your options below.  1. Get to Know Mobile Networks in Australia … Continue reading Blog

Avoid Expensive Holiday Mode Treats

Regretting the latest ‘treat myself’ purchase you made? You are not alone; the bane of most holidaymakers is the urge to buy an unaffordable item as a ‘treat’. Here’s how you tackle that mentality and walk away from outlandish purchases. 1. Change your Mentality Generation Z, those born after 1995, are not able to afford … Continue reading Blog

Enjoy that Buyers ‘High’

Quit raising your eyebrows in disbelief, it can be done! A buyers high is merely euphoria for acquiring something new, here’s a little secret, it’s not always a store bought item! Curious, read on and learn. 1. Change your Outlook Are you exploring Australia on a working holiday, are you young, enthusiastic and curious, then … Continue reading Blog

How to Be a Foodie while Eating Cheap

The best aspect of travelling is of course, the food. Exotic local dishes too good to resist; back home you will know where to eat local favourites for less but in a foreign country you are not so savvy and part of absorbing a new culture is eating popular dishes. Say hoorah, to not cooking … Continue reading Blog

Finding Cheap Flight to Any Place

Airfares are always the highest hurdle any enthusiastic young traveller will face, no matter how many hours you spend surfing those budget websites discounted flight options are not very impressive. Why not follow these tips. 1. Practise Flexibility Be flexible with your travel dates. You’re young the world is out there, learn to compromise. Here’s … Continue reading Blog

Shop Smart and Save

Travellers especially, tend to get carried away when shopping and if you are in Australia, for instance, on a working holiday visa every dollar probably counts. And while the nation is home to DFO’s and open markets for snagging great deals, you must really know the difference between saving and discount shopping. Read on for … Continue reading Blog

Money Saving Tips

The best method of improving your financial status is to learn smart money-saving techniques. To help you get started this article lists some of the best money saving tips you can follow. 1. Set a Savings Goal Short and long-term savings goals are necessary to have a target budget to focus on. A short-term goal … Continue reading Blog

Working Holidays • International Students • Skilled Migrants

Working Holidays • International Students • Skilled Migrants Sign up here to become an AUSTRALIAN TRAVELHACKZ member to get insider industry knowledge on how to save and make money before, throughout & after your time in Australia.  TravelHackz is a dedicated platform for Working Holiday Makers, Students and Expats who come to Australia to live, … Continue reading Blog


2020 has been a taxing year, to say the least. So many Aussie cities have seen their most popular venues closing down over the last six months, so what better than places opening up to new ventures, fun opportunities just in time for SUMMER! We totally get that some of our members and readers have … Continue reading Blog


Mental health and well-being is a current hot topic at HACKZ towers, mostly down to the pandemic and the inherent need for us to FEEL GOOD! However, this is mostly followed by “I am too broke to pay for a gym membership right now”. If you are a Sydney resident and want to find out … Continue reading Blog


One thing is obvious here at HACKZ: we all love a bargain, especially when the bargain is a fun day out! We have invested in many gruelling, back-breaking hours of FUN to find out the best value-for-money experiences across Australia. It just so turns out that the Gold Coast has plenty of cheap fun times … Continue reading Blog

Budget Traveller’s Guide to the Whitsundays

Finally, you have arrived in the land down under, travelling from your now distant homeland and now that you are in backpacker mode, there is no way that the Whitsunday Islands is not on jotted on the bucket list. As backpackers, we are all very much aware of the need to budget our adventures effectively. … Continue reading Blog

Facts on superannuation

Here is a handy guide on superannuation rules:  1. Superannuation Guarantee (SG) – Under SG laws, it’s mandatory for employers to contribute to a super fund for each employee. The rate for SG contributions now stands at 9.5%. It makes your concessional contributions cap. 2. Tax on concessional (before-tax) contributions – The employer’s compulsory SG … Continue reading Blog