Budget Traveller’s Guide to the Whitsundays

Budget Traveller’s Guide to the Whitsundays

Finally, you have arrived in the land down under, travelling from your now distant homeland and now that you are in backpacker mode, there is no way that the Whitsunday Islands is not on jotted on the bucket list. As backpackers, we are all very much aware of the need to budget our adventures effectively. The cheapest way to see the Whitsundays doesn’t have to mean half the experience. The success of getting more bang for the Aussie buck is in acquiring the right knowledge and discovering the best Whitsunday Tour Deals.

Here is your budget traveller’s guide to the Whitsundays.

Cheapest Way of Travelling The East Coast

It is a safe bet that you have not yet arrived at the Whitsundays and that it is apart of of a vast bucket list that still has places to tick off before you arrive. Most of whom travel to the Whitsundays do so by travelling the east coast of Australia. By far the most cost effective way to travel the East Coast Australia is by East Coast Australia Tours. This is because many tour packages will provide food and accommodation as well as transport. This is a great east coast Australia travel hack as you will get to visit all the best attractions with nothing else to worry about, especially not your pennies.

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Cheapest Whitsunday Tours

The are many great ways to experience the Whitsundays but as you will naturally be hoping to save additional costs on matters such as food and accommodation, as well as having the time of your life, the window of choices becomes much smaller; BUT…. this is actually much to your own advantage. This is because, really, there are 2 unrivalled options that will give you an experience of serious epic-ness and will not in anyway have you trembling at night over the fear that you are blowing your well earned savings.

The search stops at Ocean Rafting who offer tours that provide top notch food and accommodation included and show you every single top attractions in the Whitsundays. 

And also; Red Cat Adventures who provide an equally majestic experience and pull of the Whitsundays adventure of a lifetime time and time again. 

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The adversity is always the same for us backpackers but those who spend even the smallest effort in search for a budget traveller’s guide to the Whitsundays will have most certainly found themselves exploring with these Whitsunday Tours.

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