Claiming your Superannuation Refund after Departing Australia

Claiming your Superannuation Refund

Leaving Australia after a wonderful experience? Well don’t forget to claim your superannuation refund. The benefit applies to anyone who has worked on the continent, and if you have already left Australia here’s how you claim your superannuation refund after departing Australia.

How to Claim Superannuation Refund after Departing Australia

A 9.5% of every salary paid out is held back under a personal superannuation account, your retirement fund really.  Departing the continent permanently means you can claim this refund, here are the regulations;

  • Working students get a 70% refund
  • Working holidaymakers receive a 35% refund

To make your claim ensure;

  • You have left Australia and your visa is cancelled
  • Then log into the Departing Australia Superannuation Payment DASP portal 
  • First create a ‘My Gov’ account and log in

Information you need to Provide to Claim your Australian Superannuation Refund from Overseas

  • Your TFN (tax file number)
  • Your PAYG (Payment Summary of every job) and your last salary slip
  • Details of your Superannuation – whether you have one or more superannuation account the following must be provided – account number, client ID, SPIN, Fund ABN

Provide the Necessary Information Online

Once you log in to your superannuation account (DASP Portal) fill in your personal information together with your bank account details and details of your employer which you can obtain from the payslip. Each superannuation account needs to be filled separately.

Submit all details together with your e-mail address and you will receive the funds within a few weeks. In the event you are unsure about certain details, please enlist the help of a professional tax accountant who will be able to guide you along the way for the fastest and most beneficial claim.

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