Finding Cheap Flight to Any Place – Globetrotter Secrets Revealed!

Finding Cheap Flight to Any Place

Airfares are always the highest hurdle any enthusiastic young traveller will face, no matter how many hours you spend surfing those budget websites discounted flight options are not very impressive. Why not follow these tips.

1. Practise Flexibility

Be flexible with your travel dates. You’re young the world is out there, learn to compromise. Here’s why, Christmas, New Year, major sports events etc. are times everyone is going somewhere. Australia especially is very popular during Christmas time as its summer down-under when the whole of Europe is facing winter. Avoid summer months and choose weekdays instead of weekends, flights are cheaper on these days; as are flights just after a major holiday. Early morning or late night flights are the least popular, hence, cheapest.

2. Be Open with your Choice of Destination

While you may not be flexible with travel periods, you can be flexible with the destinations; any exotic foreign country will always have loads of allure for the curious traveller. Make use of online tools like Kayak  and Google Flights to explore flights and rates against destinations – after all when you’re a young traveller, any place but home is always alluring! If you are planning on visiting Australia on a work visa  check out the cheapest time to travel to the continent. Do check your superannuation pay entitlements, if you are a working tourist or student there, will be loads of help.

3. Look for Budget Carriers

Today there are loads of budget airlines operating long-haul flight. Air Asia for instance, offer super-cheap deals for flights between Australia and Asia, while Norwegian Airlines offers budget flights between Europe and Bangkok. Don’t be shy to explore your options, start with your base airport and airlines which service that airport.

4. Avoid Direct Flights

It’s cheaper to fly to Ireland and make your way to Paris than to fly direct, for example, and the difference can be around $100 to $200. There are many destinations as such, which are cheaper to reach by breaking your travel route.

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