2020 has been a taxing year, to say the least. So many Aussie cities have seen their most popular venues closing down over the last six months, so what better than places opening up to new ventures, fun opportunities just in time for SUMMER! We totally get that some of our members and readers have been left with not much burning in their pockets, so here are three hackz to get you through the weekend.


Throughout 2020, many of our members have commented on how their mental health has been seriously affected due to the global pandemic. Exercise, community spirit and just being around others (in a safe way) is something which we all know can help us mentally and physically.  Check out the government web link above as they have a monthly calendar of free or low cost activities within the community such as swim-run club.


Everyone knows that Burleigh is the place to be every Sunday. You can wander Burleigh’s beloved arts, food markets (8:30am to 1pm, first and third Sunday of the month) for free, then head up to the water to hear the bongos and listen to other live music as the sun sets.


Head down to Ian Dipple Lagoon in Labrador for an afternoon of swimming & the spectacle that is pelican feeding! This area is a hidden gem, as it is a safe swim within the board water with free parking for 2 hours. The local restaurant- Charis Seafood, feeds the pelicans each day at 1.30pm (Tuesday to Sunday) so get there early for a golden spot and have a lush lunch at Charis or bring your packed lunch – there is a great BBQ area there too!

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