How to Be a Foodie while Eating Cheap – Globetrotting Tips

How to Be a Foodie while Eating Cheap

The best aspect of travelling is of course, the food. Exotic local dishes too good to resist; back home you will know where to eat local favourites for less but in a foreign country you are not so savvy and part of absorbing a new culture is eating popular dishes. Say hoorah, to not cooking pasta each day as your neighbours in Australia, for instance, cook up those tasty kangaroo stakes. Read on for top and tasty, tips!

1. Look for the Buffets

A backpacker’s true friend ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffets are great value for money. For a few bucks, you can eat to your heart’s content. Also, make the most of your Ozzie working holiday by claiming your superannuation refund, check-out how with some help from

2. Outdoor Food Vendors

Empanada sellers in Costa Rica, FEBO in Amsterdam and the now trending food trucks of Sydney, similar to its American counterparts are fab for filling up on tasty grub at low-prices.

3. Experience the Street Food

Bangkok and its street food is synonymous across the world, similar experiences await you in many other countries with dedicated precincts acting as food streets or pop-up weekend food markets. Heard of barbequed snags in Australia, do try it with other local favourites like ‘pigs in a blanket’.

4. Ever Reliable Fast Food

Yes, we all know fast food is not the greatest option, but its good food for when you are on a budget and travelling. Every pit-stop in Australia, for instance, will have a buzzing ‘maccas’ outlet, an all-time Ozzie favourite, where you can walk away a happy camper or backpacker, with a tummy full of Big Mac. Your favourite fast food chain is always round the corner in just about all cities.

5. Eat Local

Eat the local dishes, pho in Vietnam is a hearty meal, a gyro in Greece is very cheap and Thai meals in Bangkok cost next to nothing. On the contrary, meals closer to home like pizza and burghers will cost more in these destinations.

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