Is It Possible to Save Money While on a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand?

Save Money While on a Working Holiday Visa in New Zealand

The short answer is, yes! If you follow these three simple rules you will actually find yourself saving money while on your working holiday, which means more cash to spend at your next destination.

Stay Put (for a While)

The first rule is, you have to stay put. At least for a few weeks. The best chance you have of topping up your savings will be to focus your travel in one region and give long distance, expensive travel, a miss. Do your research and seek out a region that fits the bill in terms of experiences you’d like to have and sights not to be missed. One of the best things about New Zealand is the places to see and experience are its natural wonders, which are free. Camp next to stunning beaches, take a dip in a hot spring and snorkel a marine reserve. All free and, if you’re working at the same time, that hard hard earned cash will last a lot longer. 

Live and Work in Remote Areas

Don’t be put off by jobs in rural areas. Landing a job in a remote area means raking in money with very little around to spend it on. Without the expensive distraction of the shops, bars and restaurants you get in the cities, your earnings will likely outstrip your expenses, which is great news for your savings account. Plus, living and working in a rural area will mean you will get to know the locals and their way of life intimately, something you would never get the chance to experience in a big city or hostel. 

Have a Savings Goal, and Stick to It

If you know your New Zealand adventure is coming to a close, start planning the next stage of your travels and work out exactly how much you’ll need to make it happen. With a rough estimate in mind, you’re much more likely to make more budget conscious decisions when it comes to eating out and pricey tours. Saving money is so much easier when you have a goal in mind.

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