Shop Smart and Save – Here’s How

Shop Smart and Save

Travellers especially, tend to get carried away when shopping and if you are in Australia, for instance, on a working holiday visa every dollar probably counts. And while the nation is home to DFO’s and open markets for snagging great deals, you must really know the difference between saving and discount shopping. Read on for some helpful insights.

1. Discounts are Not Savings

The perfect marketing gimmick is discounted consumer goods, which in most instances, makes you buy stuff at low-prices with no actual saving. Putting the saved money in your savings account is ‘saving’ otherwise you are merely shopping at a cheaper rate for goods you probably didn’t need in the first place.

2. Avoid Impulse Shopping

If you are visiting Australia, it’s good to keep the shopping to when you are ready to leave, by then you should have a fair idea of goods you want to take back. For other days, visit the supermarkets or malls with a specific list – if it’s not on the list don’t buy it. Do check your superannuation benefits too, with some help from you will have extra cash for your next trip.

3. Take Cash as Required

Tourists on working holidays to Australia need to be frugal with money. Avoid overspending when shopping by taking along small amounts of cash in your wallet, forget the credit card – it’s a healthy choice, or set a goal to have a minimum daily spend on your card. 

4. Compare Before you Purchase

Although most shopping malls in Australia have the same run of stores, you should compare prices across varied shops before purchasing an item. For instance, the same electronic item you want may be on sale at one store or available at a whole-sale price at another. Compare prices online where possible.

5. Stick to the Basics

This applies mainly to clothes, it is better to have a few quality pieces you can mix and match than load your wardrobe up with pieces that you may wear just once. Same applies to shoes.

Happy savings!

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