Travel Around Australia for Less

Travel around Australia for Less

The appeal of staying in Australia for as long as possible is obvious. With a sunny, warm climate, life changing experiences on tap and a travel scene well set up for long term travellers the reasons for staying are endless. But its easy to spend more than you can afford. Australia isn’t the priciest country to travel in, but it’s certainly more expensive than other backpacker destinations such as South East Asia and India. So how easy is it to save money in Australia? The good news is, easy as pie. 

Explore Your Options When It Comes to Accommodation

A dorm bed in a hostel will be infinitely cheaper than even the cheapest budget hotel room. Seek out hostels with a good rep and decent cooking facilities. Another option is couchsurfing – sign up online and be sure to only stay with hosts who have good reviews. This can be a convenient – and free – option in major cities especially. Home stays and farm stays are also a fantastic way of saving money and experiencing local Australian life at the same time.

Share the Cost of Getting Around

Travel costs top the list when it comes to expenses. So if you’re planning on an epic cross country adventure, compare the costs of budget travel e.g. a bus pass, with ridesharing and even hiring a campervan with other travel buddies heading in the same direction. Internal flights tend to be costly and, unless you’re short on time, an unnecessary expense. Check social media and especially Facebook pages for ride sharing opportunities.

Eat Out Less and Avoid Tourist Traps

Cooking for yourself will save you hundreds of dollars long term. Make sure anywhere you stay has cooking facilities and a supermarket nearby and you’ll really have no excuse but to eat in. When you do decide to treat yourself to a slap up feast in a restaurant, avoid tourist traps which tend to be overpriced, and hang out with the locals in a pub or cafe.

Book International Flights Well in Advance

When you know your adventure is going to come to an end, check flights a good few months before you intend to leave. Booking well in advance will give you access to the best deals, and the best seats, especially on popular routes beyond Australia.

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