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Working Holidays • International Students • Skilled Migrants

Working Holidays • International Students • Skilled Migrants

  • Sign up here to become an AUSTRALIAN TRAVELHACKZ member to get insider industry knowledge on how to save and make money before, throughout & after your time in Australia. 
  • TravelHackz is a dedicated platform for Working Holiday Makers, Students and Expats who come to Australia to live, work and travel. 
  • Become a member today whether you are waiting to come to Australia, live here already or have headed home, and start saving!

I’M COMING TO AUSTRALIA… (when it is safe to!)


  • If you’re planning on coming to Australia (post-pandemic) then you’ve just hit the jackpot, mate! 
  • By becoming a Travel Hackz member you’ll get sent the best tips and deals for everything from flights to accommodation, travel to job. 
  • We also hook you up with all the essentials to get you started, including an Australian Tax File Number (TFN), Medicare Card and tips on how to find work and we’ll help you save money while you’re in Australia with key tax and finance hacks meaning you could go home with up to $5000 AUD.
  • International Students, Gap Year Travellers, Working Holiday Makers, Expats, TSS Sponsored Migrants, Skilled Migrants. If you’re a non-resident coming to Australia, sign up now and we’ll take your time down-under to another level!  


G’Day mate & so good to have you!

  • If you are already looking for ways to stay in this awesome country, making sure you can enjoy more sun, better pay and generally a great work life balance.. Look no further..
  • As a Travel Hackz member in Australia, you’ll be able to get top tips on finding jobs, extending your visa, guides on how to maximise your tax and super refunds and most importantly, you can connect with like minded people through the Hackz network. 


It’s ok, we get it! 

  • Lots of you guys had to head home before lockdown took hold, or maybe your visa expired… At least there’s some good news, you can now claim back your Super, which could be up to $1500 if you worked in Australia for 12 months or up to $3000 if you were here for 2 years.
  • The amount you’ll be able to claim will depend on how much you worked and paid into your Super fund. As a TravelHackz member, we’ll help you get the maximum refund possible by providing you with the best finance hacks for maximising your refund.

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